Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cambria Contracting & Debris Removal

While it is easy for observers to focus on the more offensive machines involved in a demolition, there is another facet of the project that is easily as important.  Given the rate at which material can be created, removing it and keeping the work site safe is a major challenge for Cambria Contracting.  Without a steady stream of dump trucks consistently removing debris efficiently, many jobs would bog down.

The modernized dump trucks Cambria Contracting has are built for maximum efficiency.  These vehicles come with two rails and a steel cable winch strong enough to pull 90,000 lbs. at least.  This design allows the dump trucks to quickly place waste containers down, before moving to a full can, loading that, and removing the excess material from the demolition site.  In situations where hazardous waste is involved Cambria Contracting can still rely on it's small fleet of roll off dumpsters, as several companies have begun to offer hard-top dumpsters that allow for the transportation of asbestos waste and other airborne hazards.  In fact, making sure a site has enough dumpsters to keep pace with the demolition is key as it allows maximum efficiency for the crew.  Cambria Contracting has turned to local subcontractors for large jobs.

Another crucial part of the removal process are the technological marvels that are responsible for loading the roll-off containers.  These can very from bulldozers, to backhoes, and excavators.  By using and array of machines and their possible add-ons it makes it easier for Cambria Contracting to begin sorting the waste and discerning if there is any value to be had.  Many of these trucks are capable of handling nearly 60,000 lbs.  Often times the road will give out before the dump truck,

The amount of material being removed from a job site can be deceiving.  Many jobs number into the hundreds of millions of tons before a job site is declared cleared.  By being so thorough Cambria Contracting is always sure to be able to handle the tonnage rates and then some.  We consider all phases of the game here, your welcome to have your question answered.  

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