Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Puts the Cambria in Contracting

It is not uncommon for a client to think that the use of Cambria in our title is derived from a founder's surname.  In fact the use of the name comes from the town which it was founded in New York, Cambria.  Founded in 1808, Cambria was actually the name for most of what is today Niagara County. Eventually the parcel was divided into a present day twelve municipalities.  These days Cambria is a much smaller place with a population of give or take 5,900 people.  But from the smallest acorns grow the mightiest oaks they say, and Cambria Contracting is a fine example of that if we may say so ourselves.

Ironically, Cambria is not known as a place of industrial yards and high rise warehousing but instead a rural highland with tranquil fields.  Pastures ripe with deciduous fruits and the finest wine grapes in the great lakes.  Cambria also has a strong agrarian backbone with many dairy farms and rows of corn to dot the landscape.  Playing a crucial role in the War of 1812 Cambria's history is quite impressive for its given size today.  In fact one of the reasons for Cambria's early popularity was that it held the only road to western New York from the much better developed east coast.  This road made it easy to work supplies up to Fort Niagara.  In fact a road titled Old Niagara Rd. still barrels through the town of Cambria.

Surveyed originally by Joseph Ellicott a number of historic first happened along the shores of Lake Ontario.  Little did he know that the lands he walked upon would one day be a renowned wine country visited by tourists from far and wide.  

Most of all, Cambria was a wonderful place for us to begin our company.  Although now located in Lockport, Cambria Contracting remains grateful to its friends in Cambria for their assistance and concern.  

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