Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cambria Contracting in Everett, WA

Cambria Contracting's latest project is the demolition of a large industrial structure on the shores of Possession Sound.  This project is a true test of all of Cambria Contracting's skills as it involves every facet of the demolition process, including large scale demolition, removal of site structures, asset salvage and environmental remediation.  Of course, as North America's premier demolition expert, Cambria Contracting was both the easiest and best choice for the project.

The first indication that the job site was not going to be a standard demolition is that part of the structure is attached to the sound itself.  This means there is an aquatic component to the demolition but it is nothing too great for Cambria Contracting to handle.  Barges were brought into buoy cranes and other large demolition equipment needed for this part.  The second part of this aquatic element is to ensure that what is demolished does not make its way out into the sea.  This is done by slowly building a dam between the sound and the water Cambria Contracting has to work in.  Then once the work has been done, before the dam can be taken down and a normal coast returned, that water has to be drained from this reservoir and taken to appropriate disposal. 

Also, an extreme hazard presented itself early in this project, in the form of a water spout.  For those unaware of what a water spout is, more or less imagine a tornado onto of a body of water.  While this was a magnificent sight to behold, it caused quite a bit of stress as it chose to tip toe near the shoreline before turning out towards the deeper ocean waters for good. 

This project is likely to take several months to finish and the customary EPA testing afterwards could push it to over a year.  However, when these large buildings have to come down, there is no one better to trust than the professionals at Cambria Contracting, Inc.

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